About See No Evil By SYJ

Have you ever considered that fear could be the root of all evil? In reality, it’s the way you deal with fear that sets the difference– so overcome your worries and dare to stand out.
When designing my garments, I take into consideration several factors— ranging from comfort, quality and style all the way to psychological impact. This perspective toward design sprouts not only from intuition, but also from my previous educational track. My Master’s degree in Applied Psychology in Fashion, at London College of Fashion, was truly an awakening journey for me. I was transformed when I learned about the power of the mind and its ability to destruct when it sees fit. That is why I focus on clothes that make an impact— by giving you that boost of self confidence and in return helping another overcome mental disorders; through the proceeds.
Has anyone asked you if you hold yourself back because you’re afraid?
I created See No Evil to inspire you to overcome your fears and trigger your mind to think differently. My goal is to aid in setting you free mentally while being as comfortable as possible physically. Nowadays, mental awareness is neglected in fashion, and I feel, it needs to be expressed through clothing. That is why my main goal is, and will always be, the people. Not only will you feel the urge to be more out there, you will do it knowing you helped someone else hopefully feel the same. With such a cycle, I aim to spread mental health awareness and somehow bring more positivity into the world of fashion.

So what is it that truly inspires us?

Good versus Evil

You can be heavenly divine or be that bewitching devil.

Why are we here?

Be in the present by enforcing your presence.

The Afterlife

No limits, not even the one's you set for yourself.


Time for change, time for awareness.

Media Society

One place for everyone.

Religious Beliefs

Representing all forms of love.

Hip-hop and R&B Culture

Where comfort meets style.


No barriers. Seek and reach.

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